Alexa Shaw

Alexa Shaw grew up in a small mountain town of Eden, Utah where the love for the outdoors and the freedom to make her own decisions shaped her into the woman we know today. She spent much of her childhood being creative and fiercely competitive with her two older brothers. To this day you can typically find her outside on a mountain or off on her next adventure traveling the globe.

Alexa has worked independently since 2009 as a graphic designer, web developer and marketer for hundreds of satisfied clients. By stepping out of her comfort zone, Alexa took a risk in 2017 by deciding to add team members and increase her creative power with Luxe Design Firm. By doing so, she knew that a sufficient “I” would be turned into a powerful “We”. She has found success with creating aesthetically pleasing, compelling and powerful design that gives return on investment and brings concepts and ideas to life.

Driven by the desire of progress, innovation and family heritage, Alexa recently launched a women’s health supplement brand, Yunani. Yunani allows her to fulfill her life-long passion of a holistic and natural approach to life. This includes lifestyle and nutrition, but also a love for the planet and sustainability.

She currently resides in Ogden, Utah with her husband Carver and their two dogs. They spend their free time mountain biking, skiing the backcountry, traveling, restoring their 1908 craftsman home and for Alexa, being on her motorcycle. Alexa founded The Litas Ogden, an all women motorcycle group of more than 90 members local to Ogden. Her mission is to create a space for women of all backgrounds and interests to come together, feel acceptance and bond over the love of the open road.

She continues to exercise leadership skills, community involvement and personal growth with the driver of continual progress and change. Alexa applies to every facet of life including work, relationships, goals and pushing through the fear of failure. Or as she would say, “If I am not progressing, I am dying”.

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