Meghan C. McFall & Talia C. Hansen

Welcome to the eight episode of Call Her Bossy Podcast. A podcast created to inspire courage in women that want to pursue their entrepreneurial endeavors. Our guests have gone through a variety of struggles to get to where they are now–successful women entrepreneurs. Join us as we share how we overcome our fears and how we were able to turn our experiences into the fuel that drives us today!

On this episode we learn the stories of Meghan C. McFall & Talia C. Hansen, founders of the Blue Ocean Legacy.

Meghan spent 18 years using her degree in Business Finance, turning around businesses in all industries, such as retail stores, restaurants, start-ups, and eCommerce businesses.

Meghan’s degree did not prepare her for family medical bills so large she faced foreclosure; or how a divorce could derail her financial goals.

Meghan’s, and her business partner, Talia Christine Hansen, have always been trailblazers.  They became determined to make diversity and inclusion fundamental to the foundation of Blue Ocean Legacy.  This foundation has informed organizational intent, practices, education, internal professional growth opportunities, and community service.

Blue Ocean Legacy is a cutting-edge firm in the industry that implements financial literacy initiatives, behavior financial coaching, and creating strategic plans with clients.

Talia recognized the transition to finance from the museum industry aligned with her years of commitment to promoting underrepresented women and minority groups in science, technology, engineering, and math(S.T.E.M.).

Each day she is committed to building a meaningful career that empowers her clients through education, ethical service, and awareness of the hushed tragedy of inequality in the delivery of financial services.

Talia’s passion, training, and background are integral to creating a powerful team of financial professionals serving communities in their languages. A shift needed to the building of community wealth through financial stability.

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