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The Call Her Bossy podcast was created to inspire courage in women that want to pursue their entrepreneurial endeavors. Our guests have gone through a variety of struggles to get to where they are now–successful women entrepreneurs. Join us as we share how we overcome our fears and how we were able to turn our experiences into the fuel that drives us today!

About Your Hosts

Jana Oman

Jana Oman is a successful real estate investor and real estate agent with EXP Realty in Salt Lake City, UT. She has been an agent since 2015 and specializes in selling homes for top dollar, helping first-time home buyers understand the buying process, and works with investors in both analyzing purchases and mentoring. Not only does she mentor new investors, she mentors new real estate agents in ways to create and structure their real estate business for success!

Prior to real estate, studied Computer Science leading her to work in the technology field for many years. She gained skills as a technical project manager; where, because of her work ethic and integrity, she was entrusted by her clients to make decisions on their behalf. She later worked her way over to the IT department where she worked as a Systems Administrator, managing small to medium sized networks, websites, databases, among other things. While working in this role, came opportunities to help small business with their websites and social media marketing.

Her previous experience coupled with her current business endeavors has helped Jana thrive in the real estate market. Not only is she mentoring new investors, she is the co-host of the How To Real Estate Podcast. A podcast dedicated to provide valuable information for anyone interested in investing. She also has a blog providing helpful information to help newer agents as well as people who are curious to learn more about real estate.

Not only is she a busy successful entrepreneur, she is also a wife, mother to 4 amazingly unique kids, and one beautiful granddaughter.

Jana was born in Los Angeles, CA to immigrant parents that later established roots in Salt Lake City, UT. Along her journey she would hear stories from other successful women entrepreneurs, like her Call Her Bossy podcast co-host Maeli A. Nelson, and an idea sprouted. They wanted to inspire other women and each other to grow. Together they interview women entrepreneurs in hopes of inspiring other women to pursue their dreams, no matter their circumstance.

Maeli Nelson

Maeli A. Nelson is a highly sought-after Real Estate Professional, specializing in investment acquisition. She has a background in business and Sales Coaching. Her mission is to inspire others to thrive under pressure and to endure life’s hardships in our constantly changing world. She is a passionate coach who has the gift to motivate others to obtain financial freedom through proven business systems to bring about true happiness. With over 12 years of coaching experience, Maeli has dedicated her life to awaken and empower individuals to achieve personal and professional success in many arenas.

 Maeli opened up her first wellness center by age 19 and had opened up multiple Wellness Centers by age 22 by creating successful nutrition and body contouring programs. 

From there she quickly discovered she had quite the knack for start up companies and taking them to the next level. She has started from scratch multiple successful businesses.  Anywhere from solar, alarms, coaching, nutrition and real estate companies. She discovered that cash flow was the most important part of any business to thrive. She is continuing to spread her message of sustainability all over the country. 

What she has discovered is inspiring: It’s not how much money we make, it’s what we do with it that matters! Maeli is on a mission to help people live freely and abundantly, through Self Reliant Wealth. 

Maeli’s genuine ability to love and inspire others to gain confidence makes her a unique leader. Maeli, is most known in her field for rapid results, leading from the front and inspiring all those around her to do the same.

Since 2017, Maeli has dedicated her professional career to real estate investing. She has used her various talents in business start ups, sales and coaching skills over the last decade to create a team of hundreds of real estate investor birddogs. Her skills at finding profitable deals have become so honed that she has turned her real estate career into a performing Multi Million Dollar asset portfolio, She is a Real Estate Ninja. 

She is a proud mother of 2 beautiful children, and now she dedicates her time to changing the world one person at a time.

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